PokerNewsCasino now available in German

Only days ago, the popular PokerNewsCasino informational website was launched in French and is already proving very popular with French-speaking online casino players. The early success of both the English/French-language versions of PokerNewsCasino should bode well for the latest PokerNewsGlobal website: a German version of PokerNewsCasino!

German-speaking online casino players can now use the PokerNewsCasino resource to research online casinos and promotional offers, as well as having access to the latest industry news and strategy articles written by expert casino players.

According to a recent study, German-speakers

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are the fourth highest on the table of internet users with 42 million (6.8% of total), behind English (38.3% of total), Chinese and Japanese. French-speaking internet users are eighth on the list with 22 million (3.5% of total). With the addition of the German-language version of PokerNewsCasino, our online casino resource is now available to 48.6% of internet users in their native language, or an estimated 299 million internet users.

There has been recent industry speculation that the German government will relax its restrictions on the industry in 2007, allowing online gambling companies to list on the German Stock Exchange. If this eventuates, there is sure to be large growth in the German online gambling industry, and the August 2006 launch of the German-language version of PokerNewsCasino will be perfectly timed to contribute to this growth.

There is large potential for online gambling industry growth within the German market. The German government has maintained a fairly conservative policy so far, resulting in very few land-based casinos. For example, there is only one casino in Berlin, a city of almost 4 million people.

PokerNewsCasino editor Jonny Vincent has this to say about the launch of the new German-language PokerNewsCasino:

“Prior to the launch of the English-language version of PokerNewsCasino, PokerNews executives and I were confident there was a clear need for an online casino informational website providing industry news and reviews from a respected and trusted name in the industry. In the last few years, PokerNewsGlobal has rapidly become a force in the poker industry through the provision of cutting-edge news and strategy articles for poker players, and we hoped PokerNewsCasino would be similarly received by online casino players.

The initial success of PokerNewsCasino has been nothing short of phenomenal, leading to the acceleration of plans to provide the informational resource in languages other than English. Too often, in this industry, non-English speaking gamblers are ignored with the vast majority of gambling-related websites focusing only on English speakers. We intend the French and German PokerNewsCasino websites to be the only the first two of many more non-English language versions of our popular resource.

Over-reliance on the US market has long been a concern of the industry, with recent developments in the US only adding to the concern. PokerNewsGlobal is leading the way in Europe with our new websites targeted primarily at French and German online casino players.”