PNC Reader Wins Mansion Casino Prize

A PokerNewsCasino reader has already won a fantastic prize to watch England’s opening match against Paraguay in the 2006 FIFA World Cup.

Only a few weeks ago, we published this Article about a promotion Mansion Casino was running to coincide with the World Cup – 50 lucky winners were to win a flight aboard the new Mansion emblazoned airplane to Frankfurt in Germany to watch England start their World Cup campaign against Paraguay. The lucky winners were to receive VIP treatment the whole way.

Well, one lucky PokerNewsCasino reader named Luke B. read our article and decided to try Mansion Casino. Luck was on his side to get 20 no deposit spins!


day and he was informed he was one of the lucky winners. Luke just got back from Germany and was happy to answer a few of our questions about the prize.

PNC:Firstly, congratulations Luke on being one of the winners of this fantastic prize! Let me put aside my jealousy for the moment and ask you a few questions about your trip. Was it the Mansion World Cup Promotion that convinced you to try your luck at Mansion Casino?”

Luke B: “Yes – and the nice bonus and I had been told Mansion Casino had pretty good software. Sometimes you can win prizes like this. It’s a great bonus!”

PNC: “What was the best part about your trip? Seeing England defeat Paraguay 1-0?”

Luke B: “Well, before the game, I made some bets in the Mansion sports exchange and won some money when England got one in the opening minutes thanks to a Paraguay own goal. I would say the that point was the best part of the trip because it was easier to enjoy the surrounds after that as Paraguay didn’t really look like scoring.”

PNC: “Had you been to Germany before? What did you think of the locals and of the atmosphere?”

Luke B: “No, I hadn’t been there before. If not for the Mansion competition I wouldn’t have made it to the World Cup and probably never would have. I prefer warmer weather and the surf but the World Cup doesn’t come around that often and it was pretty amazing to be able to go.

For the small time I spent in Germany and the experiences I had, it was great! The people were nice, especially the VIP hospitality that came with the prize. The women were beautiful – first class! It was World Cup atmosphere, buzzing. The Paraguayan supporters brought their South American style blowing whistles and hitting drums and the British supporters brought their confidence. Mix in the German hospitality and it was superb!”

PNC: “Were you impressed with the new Mansion BAe-146 airplane? What was the service like aboard?”

Luke B: “Yes, I was impressed. It’s a creative move by Mansion marketing in their attempts to get their name known throughout Europe over the next few years. Service was fine, typical of regular airlines.”

PNC: “What online casino games did you play at Mansion Casino to earn your spot on this milestone flight? And did you win when you played?”

Luke B: “I played Baccarat and Blackjack because they are the games I do the best in, therefore the games I like and play the most. I won a little bit but was pretty unlucky.”

PNC: “Luke, congratulations once again on your prize win. Thanks for taking the time to answer some of our questions – all the best in your gambling exploits in the future!”

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